Ethnic Handmade Beaded Jewellery


When it comes to ornaments, handmade beaded jewellery is renowned for its uniqueness and style. Many women prefer handmade jewellery rather than factory produced jewellery as it is more chic and mod. You will find many college going girls wearing handmade beaded jewellery. Beads have been in fashion for a long time. It can be of different styles and types. Some of the most common types of beads are bugle, chatons, crystal, delica, donuts, faceted, flatbacks, gem, hex-cut, pearls and rondelles beads. Different beads have a different technique of jewellery making.

Origin and History
  • Bead jewelry art isn’t a new one. It is around 5000 years old and dates back to the Indus Valley Civilisation. People of that era used to make beads out of gold, silver, copper, clay, ivory and wood.
  • During the Mughal era too, beaded ornaments was in trend. Handmade beaded necklaces were in popular demand and were available in different designs, shapes and sizes. Precious and semi-precious stones were usually used to make these necklaces.
  • The colonial rule saw some noticeable transitions in the beaded jewellery industry. There were semi-transparent and transparent beads, which made this type of jewellery more exquisite.
How to Make Handmade Beaded Jewellery?
  • Making handmade beaded jewellery is no child’s play. Making the beads is a task that can consume a lot of time and energy.
  • Firstly, the material out of which you are making the beads is carved and ripped into the right size and shape.
  • Now comes the creative part. You have to add these beads into the wire in a creative manner. This will ensure that the jewellery you make looks classy as well as pretty.
India is one of the largest producers of glass beads. The Egyptians, Romans, Vikings and Native Americans used to wear them during ancient times. Class beads are not only transparent in nature but they are also available in different types and patterns. The most famous variation of handmade glass jewellery is the glass bead bracelet. These bracelets look pretty on your wrists and you can easily show them off to your friends.
Whether lamp work glass beads, wedding cake beads or Millefiori glass beads, you will find all types of handmade beaded jewellery at Utsav Fashion. They provide a variety of beaded jewellery at affordable prices.

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