Which Shoes to Wear With Blue Denim Jeans


Blue denim jeans happen to be the most frequently worn apparel by men all over the world. It has safely ensconced itself as a fashion essential that also ranks very high as a staple choice for wearing, whether you are wearing them to a casual day at the office or out to lunch, they are an effortless way of looking good. But how do you make sure that you do not look monotonous when dressing up in them. If you already have made a habit of wearing them all the time, you might be called the ‘blue jeans guy’ by everyone around you but you just may not know it yet.

As is with the case of every apparel, focusing on footwear can go a long way in helping you lose the monotony. Introducing variety with your footwear can add a lot of interest to your fashion, even if you wear the same pair of denim jeans at least three times in a week. So here are some things to remember the next time you have decided to head out dressed in a pair of denim jeans.

  • With Blue Shoes: Shoes in darker shades of blue make your denim jeans look sexier. This combination makes for a progressive look that garners plenty of interest. It is a great style for you if you do not shy away from experimenting a little with your style. Pairing blue denim jeans with blue shoes also gives you a great chance of highlighting your top. The blue combination directs attention to your top when it is of a different colour.
  • With Dark Brown Shoes: The combination of brown shoes with jeans is a classic look. It is very pleasing to the eye. Chelsea boots rank high on your choice of brown footwear to wear with blue denim jeans. If you are not particularly after the rugged look of the boots, you can swap it out in favour of loafers or boat shoes in brown. Darker the colour of your denim jeans, the darker should be the colour of your brown shoes.
  • With Beige Shoes: Beige and light blue denim jeans are a match made in heaven. There is so much class in this look that you should look to buy a pair of beige shoes just to wear a pair with your light blue denim jeans. Beige shoes are the most effective with light denim jeans and a light coloured top. White t-shirts, shirt, bombers jackets are your go-to choice for a top to wear with light blue denim jeans and beige coloured shoes. Again, loafers and boots are ideal for this look.
  • With Sneakers: What was once meant for use on the track and field has now become a very integral part of men’s wardrobes all over the world. The best part is sneakers for men come in so many styles and varieties. If you are looking to have some fun with the colour of your footwear, wearing them with blue denim jeans is the best way to do it. Colours like blue, red, black, orange and even yellow work flawlessly with blue denim jeans and the right t-shirt.
  • With Black Shoes: Pairing blue denim jeans with black shoes helps drive sophistication. The style of footwear that work the best with denim jeans are boots, loafers or sneakers. Shoes that have a ‘shine’ on them like a pair of well-polished Chelsea boots or black lace-up boots, for example, are perfect to smarten up your look when wearing blue jeans. Alternatively, brogue shoes are perfect for that look featuring a blazer.

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